Saturday, April 22, 2006

Tempeh Loaf and Taters

This weekend was my weekend to cook, so I decided to try out this loaf I'd been eyeing for a while and then settled on some good ol'-fashioned (almost) scalloped potatoes as a side.

Prepping this dinner made me realize that one of the basic standards I have for cooking is that things should be tasty but not take gratuitously long to cook. Unfortunately, this took me 2 hours--just to prep! I suspect it was partially just bad planning on my part--both were a bit more complicated of recipes, and were I cooking each on their own, they might not have seemed quite so complicated and time-consuming. But together, they took ridiculously long to prepare, and given that it was nice outside and I was inside lurching around a kitchen, they reduced me to a whiny mess of a cook.

The problem is, while I may have enjoyed one or the other dishes on their own, given the amount of time I spent on them, they really should've tasted like manna. But they didn't...

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