Sunday, April 16, 2006

Morning Sunshine Pancakes

(I think that's what they were called.)

Upon completely burning the walnuts that I was supposedly just "roasting," E was kind enough to run out to the grocery store and pick some more up for me. I decided to whip up some pancakes for the two of us while he was gone (and since he was nice enough to run out due to my stupidity). I used the recipe from The Lantern Vegan Family Cookbook, and it was probably my favorite vegan pancake recipe that I've used so far. I used half wheat and half white flour, and the pancakes turned out really thick and hearty (which is how I like me some pancakes). They had a lot of girth and a lot of "meat" to them. *Waggling eyebrows suggestively* Anyways, for the last couple, I threw in chocolate chips, and mother of god ARGHLGHLGHLHGLGHLGHLHGL, lemme tell you. Definitely a damn good pancake recipe. I recommend.

Verdict: A

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