Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcake-Wannabes

~ adapted from a recipe from Vive La Vegan

Verdict: B

Comments: This recipe makes chocolate peanut butter squares. But I have yet to suck it up and buy a brownie-sized pan. So instead, I made the recipe in a muffin pan for 12 individual little ploppy poops of chocolatey-peanut butter goodness. For once, I cooked the recipe too LONG instead of too SHORT. I was gonna take them out at 10 minutes (instead of 15 which the recipe called for), given the change in pans. But since I always error on too short, I left them in. They are a bit too crunchy and dry on the bottom because of it. I also had no sugar to work with last night, so I substituted in the rest of my powdered sugar instead of the regular sugar called for in the peanutbutter filling--I suspect the recipe from the book yields thicker and sweeter filling. All in all, they came out ok enough that I ate three of them in one sitting last night--*sigh*. Next time I'm gonna suck it up and buy a brownie pan though. And some sugar.

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