Saturday, May 27, 2006

Steph's Sockarooni Pasta

I make this recipe all the time--an amazing fiddle player ex-girlfriend of a friend of mine (follow THAT connection) made it for a bunch of us once when we were lounging at another friend's commune one night. (How hippie is that?)

While over my friend D's on Saturday night, several of us trekked out to the grocery store to figure out something to cook, and I recommended we whip up a large batch for dinner since D'd never had it before.

Anyways, it's so fricking easy to make, it feeds a buttload of people, and it's really damn hearty.

So here's her recipe--I'm sure she won't mind me sharing (Steph, you rock):


2 jars of Paul Newmann's Sockarooni pasta sauce
2 packages of frozen spinach
1 package of firm tofu
2 small cans of black beans (drained)

Cook up some vegan pasta of your choice. Set aside. Cook up the spinach until it's at least unthawed. Drain as much excess water out of it as you can. Dump all the aforementioned ingredients into a large pot and cook until hot (crumble up the tofu as you add it). Serve over pasta (or really, you can just eat it on its own--it's THAT thick).

Serves a buttload--I'd say anywhere from 6-8.

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