Wednesday, May 17, 2006

You Will Eat Your Bacteria Pancakes *AND YOU WILL LIKE THEM!*

Random, perhaps (but a little bit of randomness never hurt anyone*):

Brown spots on bananas literally make me feel queasy if I have to stare at them while working my way down a banana. (So typically I avert my eyes.)

This is the same reason I cannot consume pb&j sandwiches in which the jelly has soaked through the bread and left a bruise.

Also, I realized the other day that I have been baking with wheat flour that expired BACK IN 2004. I am not quite sure whether to be horrified or amused, seeing as 1) I didn't even realize that the damn flour has been around long enough to have survived an actual change of residence and 2) everything has tasted perfectly fine over the past couple of years (*trying to avoid mentally picturing some weird strain of flour bacteria that is slowly consuming my internal organs*).

*Except for that one time it went on that shooting spree, but that was an isolated event. The media just over-publicized it (LIKE THEY DO WITH EVERYTHING, GODDAMN THEM) and then left the public all afraid of randomnesses and stuff when, really, that kinda dark-sided randomness only happens like 1 in 1,000,000 times. *Breathing heavily* Carry on.

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