Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Muy Caliente! Weird and Random Tidbits About Cayenne Pepper

Did you know that:
    1. A teaspoon of cayenne pepper has actually stopped a heart attack?

    2. Cayenne pepper increases the effectiveness of any herbs taken with it and also speeds up the absorption and effectiveness of these herbs as well?

    3. Cayenne pepper clears congestion?

    4. Cayenne pepper reduces the risk of stomach ulcers?

    5. Cayenne pepper actually helps you burn calories?

    6. Cayenne pepper reduces blood cholesterol and has been shown to lower the rate of heart attacks and stroke within cultures that regularly consume it?

Read some more weird but interesting shit about cayenne pepper here:

My favorite use for cayenne pepper (other than chili):

Toss a pinch or two into a nice steamy cup of vegan hot chocolate when the weather gets cold and see how quickly it warms your insides up.

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