Thursday, May 18, 2006

V8 Vegan Entrees

For those nights where you just ain't got that cooking itch (or the time to scratch it), I recommend the Campbell's V8 Entrees. My friend D nabbed me a couple of these at the Pepperidge Farm outlet store and, although I'm not usually a fan of the whole meal-in-a-tv-dinner-tray deal, they rock.

They're clearly marked if they're vegan (and the website states whether they are or not, and lists the ingredients as well). They were only $4 (!!) when he picked them up for me--I'd imagine the price'll vary, depending on where you track them down. And they feed a small army (and for cheap!). That's my favorite part. There's about 9-10 servings per "entree," so if you make one on a Sunday, say, you'll be hooked up with lunch the whole rest of the week.

They's good stuff, peoples. Check them out.

My favs:

The Garden Vegetable Pot Pie

The Tamale Pie

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