Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Do It the Way Monkeys Do It (Minus the Poop-Flinging Part)

Next time you eat a nanner,

(This is a picture of a nanner)

instead of being a stupid human, peel it like the monkeys do--it's ten times easier.

How to do so?

Instead of reaching for the supposed "nanner pull-tab" (aka. the long stalky-ended thing that everyone always wrestles with when disrobing their nanner), flip your nanner upside down. Then pinch the very tip of the base until it pops open. Then peel.

*Voila*--Nekkid Nanner!

Once you try it out, you'll realize how much easier this is and what stupid stupid humans we are.

Amaze your family! Wow your friends! Maybe even catch the eye of that cute little redhead that sits in the corner of the cafeteria every day--you know, the one you're always checking out but pretending not to? Yeah, that one! I've seen it happen--peeling nanners this way is guaranteed to get phone numbers. And... dare I say it? It may even get you laid!

You think I kid, but just you wait.

You'll be the most popularest kid in school.

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