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So apparently this blog got picked as one of the Top 10 vegan blogs by VegNews Magazine! *Raising the roof and then realizing how dated that is and so busting out into the Roger Rabbit and then french cuffing my jeans whilst playing pogs*

Pg.130 of the July/August issue, bitches! *Doing the mash potato followed by the robot*

Finding that out yesterday actually almost made me tear up a little. Especially since I've been such a slacker dillhole when it comes to posting this year.

And I'd like the logical progression of this post to be: "So winning this award will be the fire under my ass getting me to write more regularly here again." I'd like that.

But the truth is, things are kind of crazy on this end right now. Crazy and awesome and transitional and scary. But crazy.

So right now I just really don't have the time. And, my lovely vegans, I don't want to give you all false hope.

Perhaps one day soon I'll start picking shit up here more regularly again.

But until then, check out the other 9 in VegNews's Top 10.

Hopefully they'll give you the delicious vegan fix that you're looking for.

- Crazy Sexy Life

- Manifest Vegan

- Post Punk Kitchen Blog


- Vegan Baking

- Vegan Dad

- Vegans of Color

- What the Hell does a Vegan Eat Anyway?

- The Voracious Vegan

And thanks so much, VegNews, for the props! It means a lot, especially since it came as such a goddamn surprise.

*Moonwalking and raising the roof one more time and... /End Scene*