Sunday, May 07, 2006

Vegan French Toast with Strawberries

On Friday, I bought some bread and strawberries at the WSM to whip up some french toast for my sleep-over buddy Sunday morning, but alas, she was trying to avoid yeast this weekend, so I ended up having to feast alone.

I've long wanted to attempt making vegan french toast, but I hate that almost every recipe calls for tofu. NOT EVERYONE HAS TOFU HANDY ALL THE TIME, PEOPLES! So I was joyous when I stumbled across a vegan french toast recipe that was tofu-free and instead relied on nutritional yeast for its oomph. I was a bit suspicious that it might taste weirdly cheesy, given the nutritional yeast, but it didn't really--instead, it just added a bit of salty flavorfulness to the fairly-simple recipe.

I used a loaf of fresh 7-grain bread from the WSM to grill this shit up, and it was quite good. Initially, I thought it might end up a bit soggy since the recipe's heavy on the milk (and the bread is heavy on the sponginess), but I cooked it long enough that it was crunchy on the outside and not-too-gooey on the inside.

For the topping, I just blended up a bunch of fresh strawberries with my handheld blender-thingie.

When I realized this was not sweet enough to satisfy my mammoth sweet-tooth, I just poured a bit of sugar on top and mmmm mmm mm was it tasty.

I can't 100% verify how much the vegan french toast tasted like regular french toast, simply because I tend to douse things like pancakes and french toast with as much toppings as humanly possible, but from what I could tell, it was a very tasty variation on a standard family breakfast. Plus, it's damn simply, so I'd definitely recommend trying it out sometime.



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