Sunday, May 14, 2006

Gone Bananas Pancakes

Sunday morning, it was all about the pancakes again. Given that I'd nabbed like 1500 bananas at work on Thursday (apparently anything involving vast amounts of fat goes like hotcakes at work, but healthy food sits around for days), I decided to try out the Gone Bananas Pancakes recipe from Vegan Family Favorites. Basically, it is a fairly standard pancakes recipe, except that you slice up bananas into 1/2 inch slices and, after you throw the batter for a pancake on top of the griddle, you cover the exposed pancake batter with a ton of these banana slices.

For banana-lovers, this recipe is for you. However, I do give words of warning: no matter how hard you try and how well-cooked your pancakes are with this recipe, they will inevitably *seem* doughy--the bananas add moisture to the surrounding pancakes (and are a bit mushy themselves), so the pancakes themselves will unavoidably end up seeming a bit mushy. Also, the heaviness of the banana-coated side makes the pancakes kind of difficult to flip without bananas ending up falling out of the pancake and onto your goddamn kitchen floor.

Overall though, I kinda liked this recipe. The actual pancake recipe itself was nice and hearty tasting (yet again). And I threw some chocolate chips into the last batch, and the chocolate banana combination was most certainly yum. I'd just recommend cutting your banana slices as thin as possible--aim for 1/4 inch or something like that.

Verdict: B+

Recipe: HERE (you can also substitute out 2 T. of the white flour and substitute in 2 T. of flax meal instead, like I did, if you so choose)

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B L Brown said...

Try quartering the banana before slicing in 1/2 inch pieces then add to the batter and gently stir the little pieces in but not too long or they'll turn to mush.