Sunday, May 21, 2006

Nannery-Almond French Toast

Having seen a recipe for some tasty-looking nutty french toast in the current issue of VegNews, I decided to experiment with some as well Sunday morning. I have no specific measurements, but to make the batter, I used the following:

Soy milk
1 banana

I pulsed the blanched almond slivers in my food processer until they were pulverized into a sort of powder. Then I added in the banana. Once that was a pasty mushy gook, I added in a tiny bit of vanilla and gradually started adding in soy milk until it got to a consistency I liked.

The batter was a bit of a pain to deal with upon frying--the first batch I suspect was a bit too thick and, since it was more pancake-batterish than soupy, it was not sticking to the bread but peeling off when it hit the hot hot heat. So I kept adding soy milk until finally (on the last batch) it was doing a bit better.

I tend to make french toast with hearty grain breads (because I like them to be a bit more nutty and rich-tasting) but in the future, I'ma try a simple french bread of some sort--sometimes the heartiness of the grain bread overpowers the flavor of the batter on these things.

Despite all that, I really quite liked the results--the french toast was very almondy and banana-ish, and I thought it was very flavorful and yummy (though perhaps a bit too soggy). My feller seemed to like them too, though he did comment about how "it's difficult to duplicate the taste of eggs in a non-egg french toast." True, but nanners ain't EVER gonna duplicate eggs anyways, so only aim to make these if you're a big fan of nannery-goodness.


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