Thursday, February 07, 2008

Well, Shit! Happy Half-Assed Vegan Anniversary to Me!

I totally thought my vegan anniversary was in February, so here I am all ho-humming away, just waiting to bust out my list of favorite recipes from the past year. And then suddenly today I noticed that my anniversary was back on January 22 and that I'm just a moron. So then I thought maybe I got confused because my BLOG anniversary was in February. But that's in March. So I'm just like Moron to the 100th Power. Moron me up! Woot woot!

Anyways, since today's about midway between both anniversaries, I've decided I'm gonna post my favorite recipes from the past year *TODAY*. So there.

Brief nostalgia: How funny it is how much things have changed since I started blogging back in 2006? Thankfully my picture-taking abilities have improved (and my pics have evolved beyond the "Bigfoot Shot" featured below). I *do* sort of miss the rating system though. Sort of short and sweet, though a bit overly-reductive:

(Click for bigger version)

Those sure were the days though... *Tear*

Anyways, on to the my favorite recipes of the past year!


Without a doubt, the TOP 2:

Mock Tuna Salad

I make this ALL the fricking time. So very very simple, and so incredibly addictive.

VwaV Chocolate Chip Cookies

Lately it feels like I make these ever other weekend. But they're SO very ooey gooey and give my sweet-tooth some serious action.

And more...

Chomeur Pudding

Your guests will think you spent a lot of time making this, but in reality, it takes like 10 minutes to whip up before throwing it in the oven.
Again: very simple, but it's got a nice moist consistency, and the syrup is WAY too full of sugary goodness.

PB Cannonballs

They will get you laid. 'Nuff said.

Fettucine with Red Pepper, Artichokes and Chickpeas

Very healthy, very chockfull of flavors.

Creamiest Mac N' Cheez Ever

Requires a lot of pots (potS, not POT, dorks!), but well worth the effort. Decadently rich and creamy. You'll never pine over old-school mac n' cheese again.


Mexican Chocolate Cake

Hot and spicy. Just like I like my fellas. Chocolatey and rich. Just like I like the things I smear all over my fellas and then lick off.

Grilled Ratatouille Salad

Sexy. And yet light. A good summer dish.

Flantastic Black Bean Walnut Enchiladas

Very scrumptious and flavorful.

Southwestern Black Bean Potato Salad

Yumtastic. A good picnic food.

Chocolate and PB Rice Krispie Bars

My sweet toof luvs them. Nice and chewy like old-school Rice Krispie treats, but better cuz they gots peanut butter and chocolate.

Late Summer Succotash

Beany and clean-tasting. Not as in "tastes like cleaning solvent" but as in "crisp and fresh-tasting, just like you'd want a summer dish to taste."

Zucchini and Mushroom Lasagna

A lot of effort, but so decadent and awesomely rich-tasting that it's well worth your while.

Quick Curried Red Lentil Soup with Vegetables

I have a hard time not putting apples in anything curry-related now. YOU'VE SPOILED ME, SOUP!

Steph's Very Kick-ass Chili

I'm making this again for my friend P's Anti-V-day/Singles Awareness party next week. So spicy and zippy with an unusual and clean aftertaste from the fennel.

Beans and Brat

Ridiculously simple, and yet I find myself craving this ALL the time. So yum.

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