Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's Poetry--Knock It Back

For this edition of "The Most Bizarre Google Searches By Which People Stumble Across This Blog," I've turned the searches into a poem. A crass poem that doesn't flow quite so wonderfully as my other poems usually flow. But something akin to the poem that Lisa wrote for Moe in that one episode of the Simpsons.

Each line represents its own google search-phrase...

    vegan food tastes like

sexy bitches cook vegan
        1 pussy 3 cups

vegetarian pussy tastes
hot like your ass in that dress

vegan sex drive
        [men eating shit cream pie]
        [vegans suck ass
        stretch clit]

vegan is shit
that was shit
shit in a cup sex
i could shit
this shit is no my shit
homemade topless pictures
licking body all over
body licking sex
shit licking
shit licking
shit licking

        foods make pussy taste good

what happened to nectar nuggets?


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