Saturday, April 22, 2006

Spinach and Roasted Red Pepper Layered Tempeh Loaf

(No, this picture was not taken in the 1970's--my
house is just VERY dark and un-camera-friendly at night.)

This recipe makes not one but *two* loafs. Unfortunately, I was unable to enjoy this perk upon realizing that one of my packages of tempeh was moldy. Meh. Bad start.

This loaf ended up being perhaps the busiest set of instructions I've had in preparing a meal. I like short and sweet and simple, I've realized. Once everything was situated, it was fun making the actual loaf itself: smooshing and wedging and jamming it into a loaf pan.

The results tasted strangely similar to a good meatloaf, but with roasted red pepper and spinach housed within. Not bad, and definitely makes for good leftovers. But next time I'd use more spinach.

Recipe: HERE

Verdict: B

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