Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Best Chocolate Chip Vegan Cookies EVER!

This is, most definitely, the *best* vegan cookie recipe I've stumbled across so far, and I had my doubts, given that they were self-named the "Best Chocolate Chip Vegan Cookies EVER!" It's hard not to be skeptical when a cookie is just so goddamn boastful.

Anyways, they are very simple to make. They are ooey gooey, rich, and scrumptious. And the raw dough is fricking addictive. Holy mother of god. It was like a tractor beam kept pulling me back to the mixing bowl. The only alteration I made to the recipe was to use soy milk instead of water--I figured it'd make them taste just a wee bit richer.

I highly recommend this recipe, especially if you want to make folks go, "Oh my god, these are *VEGAN*?!?!"

One Russian taste-tester said (squinting suspiciously at his second cookie before eating it):

"They don't look pretty, but they taste really good."

I thought they were kinda photogenic (see above pic) with a waif-like model-esque beauty akin to that of Kate Moss. But clearly that's just me.



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Lindy Loo said...

Apologies for the softy, Mike, but unfortunately this post is about 5 years old, and if I spent time doublechecking all my five-year old links, I wouldn't have a life. =)