Sunday, April 02, 2006

Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

Lots o' fricking cooking this weekend...

~ from Vegan With a Vengeance

Verdict: A

Comments: I initially intended to top these (or sandwich these) with a cream-cheese glaze (that was SO fucking good) from Sinfully Vegan, but after realizing the glaze never actually hardens (isn't that what glazes are supposed to do?) and after trying to thicken it up with flour only to have it taste super-pasty, I canned that idea (which was unfortunate b/c it meant pitching it down the drain since there was nothing else I could use it on). So instead, I ended up cooking half the cookies *without* thumbprints and half with. And instead of adding the jam (or in my case, the raspberry preserves) half-way through the cooking cycle, I did it after they'd cooled. I put it in the thumbprints on half of them and then the other half I made cookie sammiches out of, using two cookies and cementing them together with the preserves. Mmmm mmm fricking good. Definitely aim for raspberry preserves, b/c ain't NOTHING better than chocolate and raspberries. Oh, but be forewarned--the recipe says it yields about two dozen cookies, but I made a double-batch and, even having strictly measured out the cookies with a tablespoon as directed, it only yieleded about 30 (when it should've made 48). They were still good, but keep this in mind if you're hoping to make a ton.

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