Friday, April 14, 2006

Banana Walnut Cranberry Almond Cookies

I've realized that I tend to enjoy cooking most when I'm stressed out, upset, or in a frazzled mood where I just need to distract myself. Perhaps this is why I've been such a cooking fiend the past month or so. There is something very soothing (and very easily distracting) about moving around your kitchen and using your arm muscles to chop and dice and mix and mold food--the kinesthetic nature of the actions is perhaps what attracts me to it and makes me wanna cook when I'm fidgety and too distracted to just sit down and read or something. Movement is good. Friday was such a case.

Mid-afternoon, after having had my cat foam at the mouth upon eating something weird out on my roof and after having walked home from the Westside Market in the beautiful gorgeous sun only to tank about $6 worth of groceries when my bag broke and smashed onto the sidewalk, I was really in need of burning off some kinesthetic energy. So voila--Banana Walnut Cranberry Almond Cookies. Really, I was just lazy and didn't have the sunflower seeds to just make the regular Banana Sunflower Seed Cookies I'd made on a prior occasion, so instead, I just threw in what I happened to have around and wanted to use up--some dried cranberries, a smidgen of almonds, and some walnuts. They were good, but they most definitely could've used more cranberries because the taste got a bit lost amidst the bananas and nuts due to the fairly small quantity I had on hand. This is a nice, light cookie recipe though, which can easily be played with a billion times over by adding different sorts of items instead of sunflower seeds. Not recommended: feces, pushpins, toenails. Unless you're into that.

Verdict: B/C

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