Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Surprise Surprise!

So we threw a surprise party for my mom this past Saturday. We managed to get a hold of some of my mom's work friends. We invited her best friend. My brother came home from Chicago with a bunch of friends and surprised her. And my other sibs came as well.

My mum's the one with the crown on
and the completely flashed-out face

And surprise her we did. We'd been planning it for a couple months, so we really were sure that SOMEone would slip up during that time, especially given the amount of folks who knew what was going on. And as 7-o'clock creeped up on us and none of her friends had yet appeared at my door, we started to get nervous. But then: blam. Shortly before she showed up with my brother, a bunch of folks poured in just in time.

And she hadn't a clue.

It was wonderful.

The weather was warm but--thankfully--had cooled off for the most part by the time the party started, so we were able to lounge about in my living room and also sit out on the roof. And it was a lovely moment, bringing three cakes lit up with candles out onto the dark roof and singing happy birthday to my mom under the city stars.

In preparation, I spent most of last Friday baking and cooking. By the end of the day and the last cake I had to bake, I was tired and feeling angry towards cake and wanting to just cry for having to make the last cake and hating it for needing to exist. It was a long day.

Even more annoying was the fact that 6 or 7 folks rsvped to say they were coming and then didn't come. Which would've been fine except for the fact that it caused me to make WAY more food than necessary. Which was a waste of my time. And which, in turn, resulted in me sending home like 8 plates of bakery with my sibs and mom.

Ultimately though, I was pleased with the goodies and the response they received from party guests.

My menu:

The biggest crowd-pleaser was (strangely enough) the pizza. You ever notice how it always seems to be the least expected and easiest food? =P

Anyways, stay tuned for some more recipes this week.

And hurrah for the urge to post!

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