Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Nippular Cookbook Contest

So since you folks were ALL OVER flashing your nips just to get a cookbook, I'm thinking Tudor Rose's contest idea seems most apropos...


If you'd like to win a cookbook, here's what you gotta do:

Make a set of nips/boobies out of food, post a picture on your blog with a link to this contest entry, and then post a link to your submission in this post's comments.

The best set of nips will win three cookbooks of choice.

The second best set wins one cookbook of choice.

(I'll send out a list of cookbooks once winners have been selected.)

You have until April 27 to craft your very best set of edible nips.

Winners will be selected shortly thereafter.



(This pic really isn't contest-related, but it IS nip-
related, and I figured we could use SOME kind of pic
to liven things up!)

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