Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I’ll Have the Slightly Sweaty Dark-Haired Boy with a Side of Olives Please

                                    from Veganomicon

So back in May, I was wholly lustful after garlic-stuffed olives from the olive bar at my local grocer's. I was obsessed. Thankfully the obsession petered out quickly. But not my love of olives as a species. Nowadays, I'll do them in pretty much any way, shape, or form.

Enter Veganomicon's Seitan Piccata with Olives and Greenbeans. This dish, oh this dish.

Now, I will tell you that N-A didn't like this dish very much at all. Then again, he's not a fan of a) seitan, b) olives, or c) onions/shallots. So. I suppose it only makes sense.

But oh oh oh did this dish enflame my passions! Veganmofo! Just the thought of it is making me a tad bit moist on the upper lip.

Granted, my seitan did not come out as firm as I would've liked, but regardless: Biting into the pungent kiss of kalamata olives and capers tempered by the suave smoothness of white wine and slightly sweet shallots was like falling into the warm lips of a slightly sweaty and salty-lipped dark-haired boy who's been sipping on wine all night and whose warm fingers keep absent-mindedly smoothing out the hem of your skirt while he speaks to you in husky whispers that make all your wine glasses hum with appreciation.

*Spilling water all over my dress just thinking about it*

And leftovers… Leftovers! They're like rolling over in bed the next morning to find the very same boy curled up next to you, his warm, slightly pungent breath spilling out onto your bare shoulder as he sleeps.

Uh huh.

*Fanning self*

And the unfortunate thing is that, after all that, this recipe isn't posted on-line for me to repost here.

So hopefully this entry will get you scurrying to the store asap, that way you can have some breathy dinner fun of your own.

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