Thursday, October 30, 2008

Balls Balling It Up in a Balls-Like Manner

                                      from the Veg Times

Dammit! I slipped up on the last week of VeganMofo of course by getting stupid sick. But I'm gonna try to make up for that fact today by posting multiple times. We'll see how that goes.

First topic of the day: Balls.

Big ones. Little ones. Hard ones. Squishy ones. Round ones. Smushy ones. Firm ones. Mushy ones.

This one has a little star. This one drives a little car.

Oh shit. Sorry. I think I was channeling Dr. Seuss there for a moment.

Anyways, I just realized that they have yet to post this "meat"balls recipe from the Veg Times on-line, so I will have to repost this again at some point WITH the recipe.

Nonetheless, I whipped up these "meat"balls last week I believe, on one of our last days of nice weather, coaxing N-A into coming over before he headed to work to have a nice dinner out on my porch and chow down on these babies. As always seems to be the case lately with homemade "meat"balls (the beanballs from Veganomicon being another perfect example), these "meat"balls didn't firm up ever, instead choosing to remain squishy and airy and slightly mushy.

But I've gotta say, the flavor for once made up for that. They're zingy and delectable, and provide a generous punch of spicy flavor to a pasta meal, enough so that I was craving them the next day.

So my apologies for the lack of recipe. Consider this a taunt until I'm able to post it sometime in the near future. (Or if you're a subscriber to the VegTimes, go look it up yourself in one of the recent issues, AND STOP GIVING ME SUCH A HARD TIME! *sniffle*)

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