Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Project Kitchen!

Up until a few years ago, I'd lived in apartments with some of the world's most pitiful kitchens. The piece de resistance of terrible kitchens was my kitchen from grad school, which literally had standing space that was about 2 feet wide and was sectioned off from the rest of the room by feeble folding doors. TERRIBLE.

So when I was apartment hunting and walked into the kitchen of my current apartment, it was like angels all began singing in unison, all the suns rays came filtering magnificently through the kitchen windows, and a multitude of Julian Casablancas cyborgs began waltzing across the countertops.

It's an ENORMOUS kitchen, with a bounty of natural light and beautiful hardwood floors. My only complaint is the lack of counter and cupboard space, but everything else kind of makes up for it.

And it's BECAUSE it's such a wonderful space that it sort of dawned on me a couple weeks ago that I really should be treating it better than I have been, and that it could use a little bit of TLC. So I decided to paint it and track down some curtains--the windows are horribly filthy, and I don't really have a way of cleaning them, so I figured I could at least block some of the view.

So join me, on a tour of my newly-painted kitchen, so that you may burn with envy.

The Before...

The After...

The color's called Lemon Grass

My new curtains: $2.50 for 4 panels
at Unique Thrift Shop on
half-off Mondays


Interestingly, most of my kitchen furniture was donated to me... The rack with my cookbooks sitting next to my stove and the wine rack/stand next to my fridge were both handed down to me from an ex-. My mom gave me the kitchen table. And the computer was donated to me from a friend at the time.

My stove and the cupboard that
Zooey likes to lay on in the winter

Case in point:

My computer space, where I work
my magic with all my food pics

My fridge--duh

My toaster oven, coffee pot,
wine rack, and old copies of
Veg Times and VegNews mags

Back in my college days, I decided--with the encouragement of one of my sisters--that I should decorate my kitchen with only ugly things. So I would buy some of the most hideous salt shakers and other kitchen paraphernalia that I possibly could. Later, this idea transformed some, and I now decorate it with as many unrelated and campy decorations as possible. For example:

My wall of camp, which I've posted
about on prior occasions

A Steve Boalt close-up: I bought this album
simply because of the pic and because it's
called HE TOUCHED ME--*giggle*. Also
featured: homemade record bowls

My Last Supper clock (which keeps freakishly
good time) and Smokey Robinson's head

And my favorite kitchen-find:
This bright yellow three-tiered
hanging basket that I bought for
$1 at a garage sale down the street

And there you have it. Thank you for joining me today on a tour of my kitchen. Veganmofo, veganmofo, veganmofo.

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