Thursday, October 16, 2008

Next Week on "Yeah, That Vegan 'Shit'"...

  • What's in my freezer: The delightful Vancouver Vegan tagged me over at her blog, wanting to know what's in my pants... I mean, FREEZER.

    Will there be lots of freezer-burnt old leftovers?

    Will there be nothing but frozen pesto?

    Will there just be what appears to be human limbs and (wait--what is that??) a human torso?

    Tune in next week to find out!

  • My kitchen: Many of you readers are faithful food-bloggers just like me. And as food-bloggers, you know you spend a LOT of time in your kitchen. It sort of is like a home within a home for us.

    This past weekend, I revamped my kitchen, to make it just a LITTLE bit more warm and cozy just in time for the cold weather. And I am *SUPER* excited about how it came out.

    Stay tuned for pics!

  • And finally (veganmofo!)...

  • Vagina Dentata: Wait, what? Vagina whozits? Dentata whatzits?

    Yes. You heard me correctly.

    This weekend I am having a Vagina Dentata night:

    We will be watching the campy horror flick Teeth (which I've actually mentioned on this blog before, and which is awesome and gross and feminist and just WAY too much fun). And we will be boozing it up.

    What does this have to do with my vegan food blog?

    Well, My friend P and I plan on having some vagina and penis-themed munchies for the folks attending.

    So check this blog out next week for the big reveal, and find out exactly what sorts of vulgarities we served up!

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