Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oh, My Most Favorite of Holidays: How I Adore Thee

Since I'm sure Halloween celebrations are on the horizon for many of you this weekend, I bring you some Halloween-viewing recommendations and a reminder of my two favorite Halloween recipes (ok, one's not so much a recipe as it is directions on how to make the coolest ice cubes ever, but deal).


Bloody Finger Cookies

Spooky Hand Ice Cubes
(And gentle reminder: If you decide to make
these, make sure you don't accidentally buy those
vinyl gloves that have the powdered insides.)


Movies to Chill You to Your Very Core

And for the added bonus of being the world's best, most kick-ass feminist horror flick EVER

And on the gloriously campy horror-flick front (these are good ones to have playing in the background at your party)

Oh, and please, my peeps. Stop back in and post pics of your Halloween costumes next week! Halloween's my favorite holiday, so I'd LOVE to see some of the crazy shit you all come up with. =)

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