Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ah, Distraughtness!

So I wanted to give the very delightful and hugely generous Nicole a shout-out today, because last week when I was feeling rather cranky, I returned home from work to find a care package from her in my mailbox that cheered me right the hell up. Not only did it hold in it the Kate Nash cd she had told me she wanted to mail me (and omg if I'm not totally smitten with her music now--hee hee--check out her Foundations video HERE), but it held all sorts of other goodies in it as well.

Wherein lies the distraughtness, you are probably now wondering? Well the very delightful and hugely generous Nicole sent me her blog address which I was gonna post here and urge you all to check out, BUT I CAN'T SEEM TO ACCESS HER BLOG! (*tears of horror and frustration*) So, Nicole, when you read this, please leave a link to your blog in my comments so I can send folks in your direction. I don't know if I'm just a big freaky moron (which is most likely the case) but no matter how many variations I tried on the address you sent, none of them done worked. =(

Oh, and thank you thank you thank you, love. You are the sweetest thing ever.

[Addendum: Go check out Nicole's blog HERE! Do it!]

(The very delightful and very
generous Nicole's care package)

And as you all know, I have never really posted pics of myself here. I enjoy the secrecy (and the fact that I could look like a yeti crossed with Big Bird crossed with Gary Busey, and NONE OF YOU WOULD KNOW). But since you weirdos are often curious about what I actually look like (and since I had so much fun creating my Halloween costume from scratch), I share these gruesome pics with you today (and today only)--tomorrow they will be deleted.

My halloween costume (which was a zombie, if you couldn't tell) won me second place at my friend Mo's very fun-filled, very crazy, very kick-ass Halloween party, and for some reason it also (very disturbingly) got me WAY too many comments from people about how sexy I look. When you're completely covered in crusty corn-syrup blood with your entrails hanging out, that's not typically what you expect to hear, so I wasn't sure whether to be flattered or just horribly horribly disturbed.

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