Wednesday, August 01, 2007

This is the End...

(Such a hottie he was--*sigh*
I need to write me up a dead-people harem or something)

Though I am very pleased to have the increased traffic, I am sad to say that getting a spot on Blog of Note has effectively killed off future editions of "The Most Bizarre Google Searches By Which People Stumble Across This Blog."


Let us hope that a few months from now, site-traffic will calm down some, and Google Searches will rise back up from the dead, kinda crusty and stank, lurching around with some fresh new "orange oily feces" searches, or maybe, just maybe, one for "onion taste nipple."

Until then, I bring to you...



*cuing soldiers in uniform playing taps*

  • laurens shit

  • veggie burger recipe sunflower seeds where money
    [I like this one because it seems like the google search is being all nice and whistling and friendly and then suddenly whips out a gun and demands that I hand over all my cash]

  • orange looking greasy feces from taking alli

  • shit cake picture

  • vegetarian poo weird

  • sweet potato queens cat shit cookies

  • quinoa poo

  • blue shit

  • onion taste nipple
    [YUM! *blorf*]

  • half assed vegan

  • shit pads paper

  • lovers of shit

  • vegan freaks annoying

  • nipple pinching pics

  • potatoes sex

  • what does bat feces smell like
    [Lindy Loo's answer: like feces]

  • eat poo shit pics

  • vegans smell
    [except if we have anosmia, my friend--case in point, my buddy PTB--shout out to the PTB!]

  • olives in feces

  • peppers shit yeah
    [I appreciate your enthusiasm--I sure do like me some peppers too]

  • sexy black bean

  • shit lovers

  • picture of bear feces

  • numblies

  • bizarre eat shit

  • carrots orange poop

  • shit pasta

  • shite an onions recepe

  • gnocchi is sticky

  • orange poo blog
    [hee hee--be still my heart]

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