Thursday, August 16, 2007

In Loo...

In lieu of a recipe today, I present you with my list of

Weird Food Habits.


  • I salt my ketchup. DO NOT EVEN YELL AT ME. I know ketchup is already packed with salt. But salting pre-salted condiments is weirdly fun and tasty.

  • I use excessive condiments--when I use a condiment on anything, I tend to soak that item with the condiment. It is a bad habit since it masks the taste of the food, but I blame my father for being a ketchup nazi and only allowing us limited amounts of ketchup when we were little. I also blame Santa. Just because.

  • I still get a bit grossed out when I'm eating something that has a giant, woody-type spice in it (like rosemary). It just feels like someone walked into the middle of your food and rudely interrupted it or something.

  • I really like the juice of the orange (or grapefruit), but I cannot stand the sausage-like encasement that each orange/grapefruit chunk is wrapped in. Therefore, when I eat either, I mostly just suck out the juice and leave the saggy pulpy remnants.

  • I still have a hard time just scooping into a jar of store-bought salsa because there are so many weird indefinable ingredients in there that it freaks me out.

  • I don't mind squash or zucchini, but I would never go out of my way to eat either or prepare a dish just BECAUSE it has squash or zucchini in it. They both kind of remind me of chest hair--if it's there, cool, I'll deal and enjoy it. But if it ain't, no big loss. If it's patchy in the shape of Burt Reynold's face, however, THEN we might have to sit down and have a talk.

  • I am not real enthusiastic about the apple, but I rarely admit this as it's gotten me into trouble in the past.

  • I hate the pineapple.

  • I find rice boring for the most part. Unless someone else cooks it for me. Then I'm cool with it.

  • I prefer canned corn over frozen, even though that's the #1 thing people hate about me.

  • If I have to cut up and gut a pumpkin, I have to wash my hands like every two minutes because the clingy pumpkin goop is so sticky (and yet sorta cool) that it grosses me out (and yet I find it sorta cool). I also hate the consistency of cooked pumpkin.

  • I have a peanut butter addiction. I kicked the habit a while back and was doing good for a while. And then a dealer moved in next door, and I'd see people coming and going all the time with little jars of peanut butter stashed in their sock or their anus. And I just couldn't control myself.

  • I really really enjoy eating cereal late at night with a very large spoon.

  • I find it weirdly disgusting when I'm eating store-bought salsa or pasta sauce and come across a piece of tomato skin that is kinda rolled up and elongated so it looks like a splinter. I usually pick those out. After scrunching up my face with disgust. I know it's just a tomato-skin, but sweet jesus.

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