Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Endorsement of the Day (Also Intended to Distract You from All Previous Whining This Title is Long and Man Can You Make Them Long... Just Ran Out)

Now that my pity party is over (and I didn't get peed on), I'd like to post something that doesn't even ATTEMPT to disguise itself as food-related by including food pics at the end, and that is this:

I just bought shit through Cosmo's Vegan Shoppe which really kinda rocks (both the shit itself, and Cosmo's; and assuming that the stuff makes it to me and that they don't just drive to the edge of a ravine and toss my package off, laughing maniacally and rubbing their hands together like the evil masterminds they are).

Here's what I done bought:

I bought myself some vegan rubbers. So I can, um, slide them on my feet and squish around in the mud and go *glomp glomp glomp* and splash in large puddles. Not so I can have sex. No: Puddles. And glomping (which actually sort of SOUNDS like some sort of weird sex act now that I think about it).

I bought some mascara. Because even big ol' feminists sometimes like to pretty themselves up.

I bought some vegan donuts. Because they are vegan donuts.

And I bought a new bumper sticker for my car, since very unfortunately the Secret Society of Vegans won't mail out just one or two damn stickers (since it has to "weigh 1 lb"). F- one pound!

Now I just have to decide whether to plaster sticker #1 or sticker #2 on my car.

I suspect it won't take much to decide on #1, seeing as it has... *giggling* a cuss word in it! OH MY GOD SWEARS!

You should be cool like me and buy stuff from them. Then people might actually like you, instead of just pretending to.

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