Monday, August 13, 2007

Backyard Barbecue Chili

I made chili yesterday (more specifically, the "Backyard Barbecue Chili" from the Vegan Planet cookbook. Because it was 89 degrees, and it is always best to have chili when it is hot and humid.


Actually, I made it because I couldn't really think of anything else to make, and it boasted that it was a kind of "backyard barbecue-ish" chili, which reads "summer" in my book.

And barbecuesque it was--essentially it was a basic chili recipe that was spiced up by a 1/2 cup of barbecue sauce. I'm a big fan of chilis (which is funny because I absolutely HATED them when I was little--I'd cry whenever my mom made chili for dinner because I knew I'd be forced to sit at the kitchen table until I finished off all of the kidney beans). And I'm a big fan of fast-and-easy (giggle) chilis, like the Salsa Chili my friend Kristen introduced me to. What's so funny and cool about these two chilis is that all it takes is one minor alteration (a different choice of BBQ sauces or salsa) and you have a totally different chili. And that, my friends, is supah-fly.

For yesterday's version, I used the Bull's Eye Hickory Smoked BBQ sauce (which is apparently vegan)... It's not so much a spicy BBQ sauce (which the recipe called for), but it was the only brand I knew off the top of my head to be vegan. And the end result was a sweet and smoky chili, one that I ate yesterday in a couple burrito-shells, and one which would make for a delightfully good (albeit sloppy) sloppy joe sandwich.

However, since this recipe is from a cookbook, I shan't post it here.

Instead I will post a list of the similarities and differences between myself and the aforementioned chili, as represented by those circle-things that always show up on SATs and GREs.

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