Thursday, January 25, 2007

Changing the World to Vegan, One Shit-Fetishizing Pervy Orange-Pooper at a Time!

It's been a while, but rejoice, my foxy readers, because today I bring you the 4th edition of "The Most Bizarre Google Searches By Which People Stumble Across This Blog" (you can check out Editions 1, 2, and 3 HERE)--and yes, I suspect this title is at best grammatically awkward, if not 100% grammatically incorrect, but that's ok, because I will distract you with my orange and oily feces, and you will forget all about that fact! Enjoy.

  • "size and shape of shit"
    (Um, every size and ever shape, my friend)

  • "deep throat kielbasa"; "kielbasa deep throat queen"; and "kielbasa queen"
    (All I can say is: "Weirdo pervs!")

  • "moldy truffles"

  • "shit and potato"

  • "eating uncooked dough with yeast"
    (Glad to hear it.)

  • "in what kind of mixture animals shit is serving"
    (Hmmm. In any mixture, I suppose! Just toss a wee bit in and stir.)

  • "gross bread"
    (I often wonder the best place to buy gross bread myself.)

  • "color baby shit orange"
    (Perhaps if your baby *ATE VEGAN* it wouldn't be shitting orange! You heard me!)

  • "orange and oily feces"
    (See "color baby shit orange.")

  • "no bake bear shit cookies"
    (My goal is to now create a cookie of some sort that I can call this.)

Yes, apparently my blog is the source for EVERY unappetizing thing you can think to google. And yet, the recipes are edible. And sometimes people even end up *LIKING* them. Go figure.

The only thing I hope is that all these weird pervy poop-fetishists are rethinking their food choices and embracing veganism once they stumble across my blog.

Um, yeah.

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