Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sunday Kind of Love

Sunday was a gloriously lazy day. We'd been out drinking the night before, so I woke up with a nice fat headache and my head feeling like it was gonna wobble off. So, as I like to do on lazy weekend mornings, I brewed some coffee and plunked myself down with a book in front of my porch while N-A snored away from the nether-reaches of my bedroom. Eventually--once he woke up and we sufficiently uncrankified our cranky-ass selves--I busted out the groceries I'd bought on Friday and proceeded to whip up an enormous breakfast: tofu scramble (tofu, red peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, avocado), sausage patties, and homefries:

(Now, we all know my intense, almost-orgasmic, love of the avocado, so as always, I'm a wee bit biased. But good god if some ripe avocado doesn't make a world of difference when it comes to really infusing some life into a tofu scramble.)

After gorging to our heart's content, we proceeded to laze away the afternoon with a) football, b) Othello, c) backgammon, and d) other shenanigans.

As dinner time rolled in, we both found ourselves in an unreasonably tired stupor. I was starving, but feeling 100% super-lazy, and I didn't really have anything I could whip up from scratch except pancakes or potacos. I pouted a bit about not feeling like doing anything. At all. Whatsoever. And jammed my forehead into the couch and N-A's leg while I pouted. After that, N-A brilliantly suggested that he run out and pick up some groceries so HE could whip up some dinner for us. Inadvertent score.

N-A is an improvisationalist when it comes to food, so I'm not even sure (by way of anything other than the large, chunky, obvious vegetables) what exactly was in this, but man was it good. Wheat fettucine found itself draped in an olive oil-drizzled harmony of red and green peppers, portobella mushrooms, black olives, and "bacon" bits. The end result was a salty, smoked, and yet sweet dish of pasta.

I had concluded the week before that "bacon" bits were a bit too overpoweringly flavored in a way that didn't so much please me, but thankfully this dish revised my opinion--if you cook them down a little, the flavor disperses into the surrounding ingredients and dissipates some of the salty pungency of them. And it doesn't hurt having some sweet peppers in the near vicinity, to counteract the excessive saltiness.

After we'd gorged to the point of moaning, we planted ourselves down on my couch and returned to Stuporville for the rest of the evening.

But not before N-A very nerdily asked, "So am I gonna make it onto your blog again?"

Clearly he can take this as a yes.

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