Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Help Me Help Me Help Me

So I have a dilemma. And I am torn as to what to do. Which is where you come in. I need your helps, darling readers.

The dilemma is this: My front neighbors planted a ridiculous amount of basil at the beginning of the summer. Think (honest to god) a good 20-30 plants. And they've not used a BIT of it. (They seem to be the type of folks who like to do the obligatorily domestic kind of stuff--like planting herbs--and yet always order in and, thus, never use them.)

One day, when I commented about the wonderful smell of them wafting in my window, my neighbor told me I was welcome to help myself to some. And since it's starting to wilt, and since the end of the summer is approaching, I'm tempted to snag an assload and just make tons of pesto.

BUT, herein lies the dilemma: They planted the basil in what a couple people have told me is contaminated soil (we live in the city, near daily industrial stink and filth--they planted it straight in the ground). And when they first planted it, their idiot father sprinkled what I can only imagine to be fertilizer of some sort all over the plants. Not on the soil. But actually a thick dusting over all the leaves as well.


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