Thursday, September 04, 2008

Calling All Vegan Food Blogs

I need to do a little clean-up around here, dust in the corners, vacuum up some cat hair, etc., 'cause this blog's sidebar is getting a little unmanageable. So hopefully over the next week or so, the links you see will get whittled down.

And while I'm playing "housewife," I also wanted to mention the following: As I read through comments, and as I troll around for my amusement, checking out the referrals that got people to my page, I try to grab any links to new (or at least new to ME) vegan blogs I see. But I, of course, get lazy once in a while and don't feel like taking the time to post them. Or I overlook one. So here's what I'm saying:

If you have a vegan food blog, and if you're not already posted as a link in my sidebar, drop me a comment here, and I'll add you within the next week or two.

HOWEVER, I'd appreciate it if only the folks with VEGAN food blogs leave their links here. There are no doubt TONS of you omnis (and vegetarians) with food-blogs I adore (Smitten Kitchen and Everybody Likes Sandwiches being two of my favorites), but the point of my sidebar is to give readers an easily accessible list of VEGAN food blogs that they can recipe-hunt in and where they won't get all excited about a recipe until they get half-way through and realize it calls for, like, 20 egg-yolks or a slab of fox-liver or something. You feel me?

So please: If you're a vegan food blog and don't see yourself in the sidebar, holler.

In the meantime, I'm gonna start cleaning up dead links.

And also: your mom.

PS. If you haven't posted anything new this year, you're getting booted from my sidebar. Just for decluttering purposes. AND AS AN INCENTIVE TO POST!

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