Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Rubbing Them All Over My Body, Despite the Fact That They're Kind of Stabby

So someone or another of you delightful bloggers posted recently about the new vegan doritos (Spicy Sweet Chili is the flavor), and I was all WHAT WHAT because I've always loved me some doritos, in all their over-processed, triangular, cheez-tastic, junk-foody gloriousness. And I've missed them. Kind of like you miss the stupidity of the things you used to do during puberty (minus the pimples and general greasiness).

Which is why I decided to nab some this weekend and serve them alongside some nice, thick mock-tuna sandwiches.

And holy holy hell are they good.

Said N-A: Damn. These are better than the original Doritos.

Said Lindy Loo: Mgralffffcralknumnumnumcrunchunhuhmgcrghhhj.

Conclusion: You must check them out. They are indeed better than the originals. And *they taste like cheez*!!!!

PS. That is not my hand.

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