Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This and That

A couple weeks back (during my blogging lull), I actually did whip up a few items of grub, but they weren't really anything to write home about. I figured I'd feature them here nonetheless, one as a warning and the other as at least a halfway decent quick dinner idea.

I was feeling a fiendish, teeth-grinding need for greens and quinoa, so I whipped this up real quick. I steamed my remaining quinoa, shredded up some romaine lettuce and threw it in a bowl, topped it with the quinoa as well as some black beans and leftover canned diced tomatoes and a bit of cilantro pesto. Nothing special, but a good quick meal. I did cave and throw on some hot salsa as well since I usually like my salads drenched in something or another.

I also finally tried out the Taste of Thai Panang Curry Paste I'd bought on a whim at the grocery store. More like a Taste of My Ball-Sack--this stuff was bland bland bland. Kinda like licking a table. If I hadn't made enough for a few days worth of lunch, it would've gone straight to the garbage. But I didn't wanna be wasteful. A definite thumbs-down.

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