Monday, October 09, 2006

Pumpkin-Rice Soup with Sage and Walnuts

Finally, a few minutes of spare time! Woot woot.

OK--speed soup-discussion, here we come.

As I mentioned, Thursday night I cooked an autumn feast for me and my bestest of friends.

First on the menu was a pumpkin-rice soup with sage and walnuts from The Complete Vegan Cookbook. Simple, highly-autumnal, of course (due to the pumpkin base), and so ridiculously tasty that I just wanted to keep going back for more. And more. And more. But I controlled myself.

I shan't post the recipe here (but I promise recipes for the rest of the meal later this week), but to give you a general idea: it has a pumpkin and veggie broth base, is cooked with basmati rice and a heaping mound of sage, and is adorned with fresh parsley, walnuts, and lemon juice. And it is good, folks. Good enough that you should be sitting there right now, pondering the quickest way to get your hands on this cookbook, if for nothing else than this recipe. Good enough that you should wish it was autumn all year round, just so you'd have an excuse to keep making this. Over. And over. And over.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the sweet potato gnocchi recipe. Keep those drool-glands prepped!

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