Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Rice, Red Peppers, and Bean Sprouts with Ginger Peanut Dressing

On the list of things to make for lunch this week, I decided to tackle the "Rice, Red Peppers, and Bean Sprouts with Ginger Peanut Dressing" from The Complete Vegan Cookbook (which is pretty damn kick-ass, and which I'll be using some recipes from this weekend as well). The recipe's pretty self-explanatory from the name of it--it's a brown rice dish tumbled with shaved carrots, diced red peppers, and green onions, and drizzled with a very gingery peanut dressing. Normally you're supposed to serve it in a large lettuce leaf of some sort and top it with bean sprouts. I followed the directions with regard to the latter, but not the former (as I'd forgotten to pick up any sort of lettuce over the weekend).

This is an uber-simple recipe--like I said, basically, the name of the recipe gives you an idea of most of the main things you need to do. Since I'm not posting the recipe here (it ain't on-line), I will say this: you could probably just use my spicy peanut sauce recipe, hop it up with a few teaspoons of ginger, and toss it in with the ingredients I mentioned above, and you'd come close to duplicating this recipe.

It really won't blow your mind or anything, though I have been gorging on it the past two days for lunch (with a little bit of peanuts tossed in on top as well), but it's light and simple. And that ain't ever a bad thing.

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