Thursday, October 19, 2006

New Recipes Next Week, Promise!

I've been really bad this week and haven't posted one useful recipe.

But I promise you, I should have plenty to share next week since I'm having a campy horror movie night at my place on Saturday, complete with many Halloween-themed numblies.

It originally started out as a handful of us, but the number of people interested kept increasing and increasing. So now there's gonna be about 15 of us jammed around my television. Hee hee.

I think we're gonna probably end up watching one of these two flicks (at least):

(Click pictures to watch clips of each)

The Killer Shrews

The Giant Gila Monster

And as of right now, I plan to whip up the following items as hors d'oeuvres, so expect pictures and some recipes:
    Chips and pretzels with:

  • Either spicy black bean dip or some sort of layered taco dip

  • A tangy peanut dip (probably the one from Garden of Vegan)

  • And then...

  • Not pigs in a blanket from Garden of Vegan

  • Pumpkin oatmeal cookies from VwaV again, since they're a crowd-pleaser

  • Black Halloween punch

  • And I'm gonna try veganizing my favorite Halloween cookies--witch's fingers (these are the non-vegan versions I made last Halloween when I hadn't yet taken the vegan leap):

    Keep your witches' fingers crossed that they come out ok!

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