Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Black Punch and Disembodied Hand

My other favoritest item of Campy Horror Movie Night was a punch I made. I rarely drink pop anymore--I gave it up around the time I started eating vegan. But I couldn't pass this one up as it looks creepy and was almost idiotically simple to make.

I modified it from the original recipe some (it originally called for an additional two fricking cups of sugar, but on top of 4 liters of pop, that sounded like it might induce a sugar-coma, so I steared clear), so I'm not gonna try to track the original down again. But if you're gonna make this, you must *DEFINITELY* go with the ice-cube hand as well, because, well, it makes the fricking punch.

  • 1 unsweetened packet of grape Koolaid

  • 1 unsweetened packet of orange Koolaid

  • 2 Liter Pepsi (or Coke)

  • 2 Liter ginger ale (I think I used Canada Dry)

  • 4 c. cold water

  • 1 or 2 vinyl gloves (obviously, the ones that aren't powdered inside)

  • 1 bottle of rum

Giving them enough time to freeze (overnight or so), fill up one or two vinyl gloves with water and tie the ends off. Toss in freezer (on a solid and not slatted-surface).

Mix all your ingredients together carefully in a punch-bowl. Remove frozen hand from freezer. Run it carefully under cool water. Cut off the end and slowly and carefully remove the glove from the ice cube. Toss in the bowl. It melts, but not as terribly quickly as the original recipe stated (the fingers go first of course), so you may wanna wait until enough people get to your party to toss it into your bowl, that way it can be appreciated in all its gruesome glory.

Place your bottle of rum on the side, that way people can either drink the punch in its virgin state or lube it up a bit and get plastered.

The best part of it all is that it tastes like Pixie Stix!

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