Monday, July 17, 2006

Vegan Cosmetics

So I try not to get off topic on this blog, seeing as it is a professed vegan "food" blog rather than a more general "vegan" blog.

But since so many of you readers are female, and since I'm assuming at least *some* of you dip into the world of cosmetics every once in a while, I wanted to share with you a place that sells *DIRT FRICKING CHEAP* vegan cosmetics.

And by dirt-fricking-cheap, I mean $1 a pop per item.

Try not to swoon, especially given this lovely recent heat-wave. =)

Where what who why?

Check out Eyes, Lips, Face (aka. E.L.F.).

None of their products are tested on animals, and only a very slim few have animal products in them (just in the form of beeswax)...

Here be their email response, detailing which of the products are animal free:

We do not test on animals or endorse such practices. Our products do not contain animal derived ingredients (excluding beeswax). We currently support HSUS and are partners with PETA in the Caring Consumer Project. Please see our philosophy page for further explanation on our company.

Animal Derived ingredients in following products:
Earth and water mascara- beeswax
Shielding gloss - beeswax
Tone Correcting Concealer - beeswax
Soothing Gloss - beeswax
Shielding hydro tint - beeswax
Hypershine Lip Gloss - beeswax
Lip Elements- beeswax
Eye Elements-beeswax
Brushes all but below excluded -animal hair

Vegan Friendly
Foundation brush
Eyelash & brow Wand
Brow Comb + Brush
Smudge Eye Brush
Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara
Feather Proof Moisturizing Long Wear Lip Liner
Color Protection Nail Lacquer
Brightening Eye Liner
Face Elements
Non-Stop Eye Color
New Moisture Care Lip Color
Therapeutic Conditioning Balm
Plumping Lip Glaze
Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF 15
Natural Radiance Blusher
Clarifying Pressed Powder
Shimmering Facial Whip
Nail Block
Nail File Set
Toe Separators
Nail Polish Remover Pads
Blending Wedges
Powder Puffs
Eye Shadow applicators
Eye Lash Curler
Makeup cases

The e.l.f. Team

Ref#: 102918

As always, I remind you that the ingredients of products *do* change every once in a while and/or a company will come out with new products as well, so although this is a current listing of all their vegan cosmetics, do be sure to email them and doublecheck before ordering your own, especially if you stumble upon this months or years from when this info was posted.

And most of all--BUY BUY BUY and support their shit. I mean, how often do companies go out of their way to make vegan products, not test on animals, *AND* sell their cosmetics to chicas at reasonable prices?


Unknown said...

Thanks for updating me. It's terrible in using bad brands of cosmetics.
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Franx said...


Thank you so much for this vital info! Haha
Other than Barry M, I've never seen such fairly priced vegan make-up!

I was like, wow, then I thought I bet they don't have a UK site- but OH YES! They do!

AND!!! They do foundation in normal colours- so I don't have to have an shiny orange face!

peterrose679 said...

Hi my self peter rose ,i live in NY,and thanx to update us..............
i have just Liston some where..........
Then, mostly, it is the bells and whistles that matter to me. Is my neck that much sharper looking because Victorio shaved it with a real, Sweeney-Todd, straight razor. What does all that talc do for me. I want it though. If other traditional barbers have the Clubman lotions and the hot lather, do they have this: a Mad Man era neck massager. Yes, us real men, us barber shop dwelling men, feel secure in letting a quiet man stand behind us and make us feel good for a few minutes. It is not the trim we desire. We want more. We want what Victorio gives.

I cannot guarantee you, however, that Victorio will give you the best hair cut possible. I do think you will find his place authentically good.

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Lutrinaƫ said...

I know it's a late update, but e.l.f products are now vegan, as they replace beeswax by synthetic, and lonolin by Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladinpale-2 (have no idea what is it though). I found this out in their F.A.Q!!

Alison said...

Wow, what a find in elf cosmetics! I just placed an order and will follow-up once it arrives. Thanks a million!

Anonymous said...

Great that these products are vegan, and though I have not tried specific 'makeup' products by e.l.f. I have purchased e.l.f. shadow appliators, foundation/brow/and smudge brushes, eyelash wand and curlers and have found that these items are by no means built to last. Flimsy, the shadow applicators fell apart within two days of use, and the bristles on the foundation brush fall off regularly. My hunch is that they are cheap because you are indeed getting what you pay for, vegan or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Hii there~ All of their brushes are vegan(Taklon) as well, except for the ones under the 'Essentials' line. But the 'Studio', and 'Minerals' ones are fine for those with souls~

pinkchampagne said...

Just in case anyone on here is concerned with ethical practices of HUmans as well as animals; ELF manufacturers ALL of their products in China. 100% of them. So imagine if you will how happy you are paying $3.00 for a full foundation. Take 75% away in profits, and another 20% for the manufacturer. That's about $0.15 for the worker.

Just a thought...

Jay Hollywood said...

Pink Sparrow carries some great vegan makeup from 100% pure. Fruit pigmented and made in the U.S.

emanicosmetics said...

Vegan makeup products are cosmetics that do not use ingredients derived from — or tested on — animals. Concerns about animal abuse by the cosmetic industry has created a growing market for cruelty free products. Vegan cosmetic options include eye shadow, blush, lipstick and foundation; even vegan nail polish is becoming increasingly available.
Vegan makeup

emanicosmetics said...

Vegan cosmetics refer to the makeups made with natural and organic ingredients. They do not contain any animal ingredients or any by products. They have never been tested on animals neither.

Vegan Cosmetics