Thursday, July 13, 2006

In the Land of Veggie Burgers

I haven't cooked much this week, so today I figured I'd post about what I'd LIKE to cook instead...

Ever since I cooked up those veggie lentil walnut burgers for Ye Ol' Vegan BBQ, I've found myself getting geeked up at the prospect of accruing even *more* veggie burger recipes.

Thanks to the delightful dorklepork, I got to take a gander at the book, Vegetarian Burgers by Bharti Kirchner, which has some damn good-looking veggie burgers housed within, including a quinoa and black bean burger and... *gasp*... STUFFED veggie burgers. Oh yes.

I also stumbled across these award-winning veggie burger recipes while originally trying to hunt down some lentil burgers recipes, so I figured I'd share this site as well, as the recipes also sound out of this world.

So if you end up trying any of the above recipes out, feel free to share your recommendations. As I'm sure all the rest of us would love us some nice juicy veggie burgers as well.

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