Thursday, July 20, 2006

Fast, Cheap, and Easy Taco Salad

Apparently some of you like things that are fast, cheap, and easy (*rowr*), so here's another recipe that's such a damn cinch, it'll make your toes curl.


2 jalapenos, deseeded and diced
One small can of black beans, drained
Chili powder
Onion powder
Cayenne pepper
Garlic powder
Season salt
2 heads romaine lettuce
Black olives

DIRECTIONS: Throw your jalapenos into a small sauce pot with a tiny bit of water (like enough that you can carry over to the stove in the palm of your hand and throw in there--you know you do that too!). Once they have softened a bit, add your black beans, TVP, and some water. I have not specified quantities of TVP or water as it's mostly just a matter of taste--toss whatever amount of TVP looks good to you in there, and then add enough water while stirring that it looks like it's started to absorb it pretty well. (If you're not familiar with how to reconstitute TVP, read more HERE.) Then mix in all the spices listed above to taste--again, it'll depend on how much TVP you use. Plus, I just shook stuff in there without measuring, so I'm moreso just being lazy and not wanting to guesstimate. While your TVP reconstitutes on low heat, slice up a couple heads of romaine into two bowls. Once your TVP is soft enough for your taste (I don't like to reconstitute mine for very long--and I use less water--because I like it a bit firmer), remove from the stove. Scoop a generous mound into the center of each bunch of salad. Top with salsa, black olives, and Fritos (just make sure to add the Fritos last, otherwise they'll get soggy).

Eat while making little orgasimic-y exclamations about how you really *do* like things that are fast, cheap, and easy. (*Double-rowr*)

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