Wednesday, February 04, 2009

This Edition of "The Most Bizarre Google Searches by Which People Stumble Across This Blog" Is Attacked By Confusing Grammar

Today's edition--mainly due to unclear grammar--has left us with many unanswered questions. Join us in answering them, won't you?

Two cooks in one pussy

  1. How big is this pussy that it can hold not one but TWO cooks?

  2. What are they DOING there?

Man hairy ass eating sleuths

  1. Are the sleuths hairy and ass-eating?

  2. Or is the ass hairy and enjoying a nice meal of sleuths?

The world... pretty shit

  1. Is this a glass-half-full statement? (The world=full of pretty things)

  2. Or is this a glass-half-empty statement? (The world=shit)

Shit balls recipe

  1. Is this asking for a recipe that will CAUSE you to shit balls?

  2. Or is this asking for a recipe FOR shit balls?

  3. If #2, are shit balls like meat balls but, well, clearly using things other than meat as the main ingredients?

Girls get bummed and then shit

  1. Does bummed mean screwed?

  2. Or does bummed mean depressed?

  3. If the latter of the two, does the shitting help with the depression?

Shit finger tube

  1. Is this an attempt to find a tube in which to store one's shit finger?

  2. Or is this person curious about why they shat a finger-tube?

  3. If #1, what exactly IS a shit-finger?

  4. If #2, what exactly IS a finger-tube?

Swedish Mole Porn

  1. Are the moles Swedish?

  2. Or is it the porn that's Swedish?

  3. Are they referring to animal moles?

  4. Or are they referring to skin moles?

  5. How does one make either pornographic?

  6. If #1: Do they speak with a Swedish accent?

  7. If #2: What makes a porn characteristically Swedish?

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