Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Kitty Karma

Despite the fact that I sometimes get overwhelmed by the knowledge that bad things often happen to good people, on good days, I do believe we're rewarded for the good things we do, even if it's in little ways.

Yesterday was one such day.

Monday, I lost a tiny hoop earring that I'd been wearing. (They're not expensive earrings, but they're unique and not ones I could find replacements for.) The latch kept coming loose on them all day, and when I returned home from work, I suddenly realized it was missing. With no clue as to when it had fallen off.

Given that fact combined with this ridiculous snow lately, I figured it was a lost cause: Who knows where it I lost it (work, car, outside, apartment), and if it fell off outside, well, that's the end of that.

Then yesterday, I go out to feed the stray I've been feeding for the past year. I bend down to leave the bowl underneath the bush in the backyard, and sitting on top of the mound of snow, just inches from where I'm bending down: my earring.

The little things.

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