Monday, February 23, 2009

Bizzare Ass Tube: The Newest Edition of "The Most Bizarre Google Searches by Which People Stumble Across This Blog"

Why oh why I stayed up to watch the entirety of the Oscars when I knew Slumdog Millionaire was gonna sweep 'em all I'm not quite sure, but now that I'm riding on only 4-ish hours of sleep and fluctuating between wanting to giggle at everything and wanting to punch some lady in the face who, after I said good morning to her, inexplicably stared at my shoes with a disgusted-looking face, I'm thinking it probably wasn't the best idea.

Even more amusing is that I went over my mom's to watch it because she was all excited that one of our favorite actors--Philip Seymour Hoffman--was up for best actor again. So it's like 11:30, and my brother and I are bitching about how EVERY YEAR the stupid Oscars go ridiculously long, (sidenote rant: WTF was with them NOT SHOWING THE MOVIE CLIPS for all the big categories?!? Seriously: probably like 50% of the population hasn't seen some of the films that the actors/actresses are up for, and that's when we rely on the clips to understand whether they did a decent job or not, f-ing morons), and they finally bust out the best actor category, and Philip SEYMOUR HOFFMAN ISN'T EVEN NOMINATED. My brother and I laughed our asses off.

Winner of Best Actor in the Oscar of Confused Moms

Anyways, the point of all that was that I really don't have a point but am tired.

So no food today. No wit. No recipes.

Instead, google searches. As always, they speak for themselves.


(For past editions, click HERE)

PS. Apparently lovers of bizarre sexual fetishes really need to learn to spell better.
  • cat bed from days of yore

  • vegan fuck vegetarians assholes

  • how to seductively lick your lips

  • bizzare ass tube

  • make it by the book because that's the way you make it get down bitch

  • mexican trumpets fanfare

  • baked beans toot

  • bored as shit

  • fucking pizza

  • shit on the pussy

  • mole ten porn

  • yeah that vegan hsit

  • ass shit licking bizar moves

  • pain in the goozy

  • fucking with vegitable

  • shitt licking

  • recipe for greatness

  • vegan ass licking

  • cauliflower penis

  • beautiful orgasmy

  • erotic third nipple

  • shit omelette

  • raspberry stomach ache

  • shitpeas

  • eating candles

  • vegan shit chowder

  • blue potatoes feces

  • authentic Italian my ass you've got thirty mexicans in the kitchen

Oh, I *did* make a spinach-artichoke dip for the Oscars, so stay tuned this week for the recipe. 'Cause it was fricking YUM.

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