Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yo Mama Was an Avocado!

So as you all know, I was a bit weirded out by the existence of the giant fruit-tasting avocado. Thankfully I am super-awesome-brilliant-foxy-hot-sexy (the latter three adjectives may not be relevant to this tale, but I just thought they should be pointed out so that you didn't accidentally overlook those facts), so I had the thought to perhaps balance out the fruitiness of the avocado by turning it into a pasta sauce. And voila. It worked. I have no specific measurements and no specific recipe. I mostly just wanted to brag. But I can at least tell you what I did and what I put.

One of those large crazy-ass avocados, mashed. A bit of plain soy milk. Some vegan margarine (which I think it could've done without since avocados are already fattening as fuck, but I was gearing it off of another recipe that used it). Some noodles. And a spattering of pine nuts. Melt the marg. Add the avocado and soy milk (just enough to thin it out a bit) and heat until just warm. Serve over noodles.

Look how pretty and coy. If it had eyelashes, I think it would be batting them right now.

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