Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just Some Things

The other day, I read in VegNews that Wonderbread is vegan. Yes, Wonderbread is probably THE crappiest bread EVER. I've seen ducks choke on it because as soon as you add saliva to the mix, it basically turns into glue. But fuck if it isn't nice to have an easily accessible shit-bread that I can pick up last-minute at the grocery store if I'm hard up.

My roof-garden (basically a series of window-pots that have been doing SURPRISINGLY well out on my roof) is dwindling as autumn starts creeping up on us. My roma tomato plant has just two more tomatoes left before it kicks the bucket. My jalapeno plant has one more jalapeno desperately hanging in there. My basil suddenly got wilty the other day and hasn't recovered. My parsley has pretty much been the same flaccid size all summer. And my flowers (african daisies and zinnias) are shuddering and retreating against the chilly mornings. Despite all that, I've gotta say: I ADORE the fall and look forward to doing lots of snuggling with N-A and whipping up some nice hearty soups and stews.

But for nostalgia's sake, I share with you the tail-end of my summer bounty.

These are the (pitifully tiny but nonetheless DELISH) roma tomatoes that my tomato-plant birthed PLUS a red jalapeno from my jalapeno plant:

This is the Super Quick Basil Cream Pasta I whipped up last week, topped with fresh roma tomatoes and basil from my roof-pots:

This is Zooey coming to terms with the fact that the creeper plant from the trellis down below has for some reason decided this summer to take over the edge of my roof. Relatively nice for me though, as it's been acting like a kind of natural fence to keep her from jumping (and jump she does, believe me). Nonetheless, she got stung in the eye once because of it, so I think she's holding a grudge. Despite that, she sure does look cute amidst the green...

And finally, when we had the short bout of cool days the week I got back from Michfest, I whipped up some reruns for me and N-A. I feature them below, only because they're hotgoddamnsexy. If I were like brussel sprouts or green beans, I'd totally do them.

(Seitan-Shallots Marsala)

(Lemony Roasted Potatoes)

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