Thursday, August 28, 2008

Interested in Supporting a Vegan Filmmaker?

Then check THIS out.

Apparently Ryan Vance is a vegan filmmaker (and a foxy vegan filmmaker, at that) who is trying to raise some money to complete a romantic comedy he wrote called "Vegan Love."

Apparently, you can pledge some moolah on his website if you'd like, and I guess how it works is if he manages to raise $2800, then he will accept your monetary contribution. However, if he doesn't meet his goal, you won't be out a single dime.


  • His Fundraiser Page

  • His blog

  • Oh, and if by chance he actually turns out to be that King of Spain that's always emailing me and asking me to send him money overseas, I take no responsibility. If it's any reassurance, I'm pretty certain that, in the picture above, he's just emphasizing the fact that he IS NOT, in fact, the King of Spain and WILL NOT steal all your money. Either that or he's holding an imaginary apple.

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