Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Cleveland

(If you live in Cleveland, that is)

'Cause you know what?

I've been working on compiling all my vegan-friendly Cleveland restaurant reviews in one easy-to-access location, and


It's all done:

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I have one more recipe to post for the week, but unfortunately I got home too late last night to upload pictures and whatnot. Perhaps tomorrow.

To tide you over until then, I present you with a list of the best vegan-friendly restaurants in Cleveland, Ohio... in case you ever happen to be in the neighborhood.

(It's funny because I always feel the need to apologize when I deviate from the normal posting of recipes--since it's a food blog, I feel obligated to stick to that for some reason. But I was thinking about it just now, and really, if I wanted to post about stuffing vegan cupcakes in my panties and walking around with them like that all day, it's my prerogative. In fact, if I wanted to post about stuffing vegan cupcakes in my panties and walking around with them like that all day WHILE DRESSED UP LIKE GEORGE W., I could--and there's not a goddamn thing you can do about it! So read this! And love it! And stop being so demanding! *Sobbing*)

2362 Professor Ave.
Cleveland OH
Type of food: Ice cream and desserts
Comments: Hurray for Marianne and the magic she works on veganizing cold treats! Vegan specials often change: They typically have some sort of vegan pie-slices available, but the flavors vary depending on the week. They also have tried-and-true vegan goodies that stick around regularly in their cases (ice-cream sammiches, choc-covered bananas, fudge-bars) and, for special occasions, you can special-order vegan ice cream cakes and pies.
Recommendations: Cookie ice-cream sammiches, vegan oreo pie

11213 Detroit Ave.
Cleveland, OH
Type of food: A bar that serves vegan brunch Sundays nights from 6 to 9pm, and vegan specials on Tuesday nights.
Comments: They also frequently feature bands, and they have different drink specials from night to night (for example, one of the nights, your first beer is free if you ride your bike there).
[Read more from me about it HERE]

12906 Madison Ave.
Lakewood, OH 44107
Type of food: Italian/pizza.
Comments: They only have two booths, so it's more of a take-out atmosphere.
Recommendations: I recommend their vegan meatball subs. Delish.
[Read more from me about it HERE]

14718 Detroit Ave.
Lakewood, OH
Type of food: Sandwiches and bar food
Comments: They have two vegan cheezes, so you can order most vegetarian sandwiches with vegan cheez subbed in. They also have a plethora of other vegan options--you can read letters from the owner detailing them HERE
Recommendations: The Kindergartener with vegan cheddar (or American--can't remember which one they have) with avocado and tomato added on.
[Read more from me about it HERE]

13800 Detroit Ave
Lakewood, OH
Type of food: Chinese
Comments: The have a full zen-menu, all of which is vegetarian. Including (as long as I'm understanding them correctly) bizarre things like vegetarian chicken legs, vegetarian squid, and vegetarian ribs, among others. Not sure how much of these are VEGAN as well, but definitely worth checking out to inquire. If you DO find out, holler. Either which way, even if some of their faux-meats/seafoods aren't vegan, they have plenty of tofu and veg dishes that surely are.
Recommendations: Vegan sweet n' sour "chicken," babies!

1824 Coventry Rd.
Cleveland Hts., OH
Type of food: Diner-esque.
More info...
Comments: They know their vegan stuff, so inquire when you have questions and you should have no problems getting answers. Some of the vegan stuff is marked as such, some is not. They have vegan mozzarella though which they'll gladly substitute on your salad.
Recommendations: French onion soup (sans cheese), veggie burger, BBQ seitan sandwich, taco salad (all of which are vegan or can be made vegan)

3120 Bridge Ave.
Cleveland, OH
Type of food: World cuisine
Comments: They are super-helpful when it comes to veganizing stuff--just ask. Basically, you usually just need to say "veganize it" and they'll hook you up without you even having to say another word. If you get a big-plate, the portions are ridiculously generous.
Recommendations: Pad thai (veganized--just ask); burrito big-plates (my fav is the mushroom, tomato, garlic one and I add on avocado and black beans)--ask to veganize; fried tofu (ask for vegan dipping sauce); caribbean french fries; and the Tingle to drink.

1791 Coventry Rd.
Cleveland Hts., OH
Type of food: Thai
Comments: Everything is cooked in vegetable oil. They will gladly alter meat dishes for vegans/vegetarians. In fact, the menu stresses that if you'd like your dish prepared a certain way, let the staff know and they'll hook you up. Just be sure to ask about ingredients in their sauces--many of the curries contain fish sauce, but they will very helpfully alter them for you if you let them know.
Recommendations: Red, masaman, and pik king curries with tofu--make sure to inquire about fish sauce. Also, definitely order a mango smoothy with bubbles. They rock.

25923 Detroit Rd
Westlake, Ohio
Comments: Every fricking thing on their menu is vegan, so you can go hog-wild. Plus, you can grocery shop while you wait for your order--how cool is that, dammit?
Recommendations: Pepperoni pizza, "fish" sammich, bbq-"chicken" pizza, pot pie.

621 E. 185th St.
Cleveland, OH
Type of food: Home-cooking
Comments: All vegetarian with a ridiculous amount of mouth-watering vegan items on the menu. It's a small place, a few booths and a counter, but you get a lot of TLC from the folks working--the two women who waited on us were some of the sweetest, cheeriest folks I've ever met--and they're all about hooking you up with vegan food.
Recommendations: Vegan mac n' cheese, "fish" sandwich.

14224 Madison Ave
Lakewood, OH
Comments: The owner seems to be clueless and determined to be unhelpful when it comes to vegan items, but if you ask the right employee, some of them know their shit. I was told that the burritos are vegan if ordered without cheese and their "sweet sauce." They also have the standard chips and salsa as well as a soup or two that's vegan if ordered without cheese. The burritos put Chipotle to shame (they're like the size of an upper extremity), so they're definitely worth the money.
Recommendations: Their veggie burritos, no cheese, no "sweet sauce." Tortilla chips and three-salsa combo.

1763 Coventry Rd.
Cleveland Hts., OH
Type of food: Japanese
Comments: In my group of veggie friends, many of whom are well-versed in sushi restaurants, this is a favorite (in both Cleveland and in general). I've only had sushi at about three different restaurants myself, but Pacific East definitely stands out among those three restaurants. Plus, it's cute and hip inside, like a little taste of NYC in Cleveland.
Recommendations: Side salad with ginger dressing, miso soup (apparently has fish in the broth), sweet potato sushi (arghlghlghlhglhglhgl) and avocado sushi.

7329 Mentor Ave.
Mentor, OH
Type of food: Thai
Recommendations: Tofu royale (ask for no fish sauce)

12305 Mayfield Road
Cleveland, OH
Comments: Mama Santa's has, hands-down, the best pizza in Cleveland--you'll find few who'll argue with you about this. And, thankfully, it's just as mind-blowingly good, even without cheese. And it's vegan. It's saying something when the crust and sauce of a pizza can hold up fantastically on its own without a hint of cheese.
Recommendations: Large cheese-less pizza with pepperoncini.


Anonymous said...

Did you ask about tha sauce and crust? We would swear there was some kind on meat product in the pizza other than cheese.

Lindy Loo said...

Whose pizza sauce and crust? (If mama santa's then yes, I asked about both sauce and crust. But again, recipes change and this was posted over 3 years ago, so I of course always recommend double-checking as I stated in this post.)

viagra online said...

I love vegan restaurants, and definitely the majority of restaurants you mentioned are good. You always can find nice restaurants with delicious food at Cleveland, but anyone as Pacific East. It has exquisite food, but I especially recommend sweet potato sushi, I just can not describe it, is a wonderful dish.

Unknown said...

Chrissy Hyde's vegan restaurant is in Akron - The Vegiteranean.

It's about 30 minutes south of Cleveland, but for those who are not in Cleveland proper, it's worth the drive.

what is vegan said...

Hey there, Thank you for this post! I'll be in Cleveland next week and I;m vegan, so I'll be defiantly check this places out. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

You missed the boat at Mama Santas! The Legumi section of pastas on the menu! Pasta with peas, chick peas, great northern, lentils... The best. I used to get the pizza without cheese and he is right but once you try the pasta and beans for $5.50 for a massive portion, you will only order that!

Good Stuff

Don't forget Richie Chan's at Cedar and Lee. The best kung pao to fu! They will tofu any dish on the menue!

Anonymous said...

Treehugger's Cafe in Berea is excellent too!

Anonymous said...

I have eaten at the Root in downtown Lakewood many times, all vegetarian with tons of flexibility too. Good vegan bakeries and everything from great coffee to beer. THey dont get into processed replacements like Daiya, or anything else not in whole food form, but the place is great with a raw food night and music.

buzz said...

Outstanding list! Going to be visiting the Cleveland area and I'm a beginner vegetarian/working towards vegan...this will make my trip super easy!

Sarah said...

I know this is a pretty old post, but The Jerusalem Grill in University Heights has vegan options, and my newest favorite is Falafel Cafe near University Circle. Fabulous food, inexpensive, and very vegan friendly!

Anonymous said...

Chrissie Hynde's restaurant in Akron is now closed. Aunt Julie's cafe in downtown Akron is great. Many of the farmers's markets, especially the one in Pennisula has a lot of vegan fare.

Anonymous said...

Pure & Supreme Cuisine
( Organic, Live (Raw), Vegan, Local, Quality, International Cuisine, etc. ) ... located downtown Cleveland ( Euclid Arcade )

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Flaming Ice Cube right on public square next to Tower City. This is a vegan restuarant so the whole menu is vegan and they offer vegan baked goods. The food is delicious! I also second Falafel Cafe. That is a favorite of mine.

Anonymous said...

The Root Cafe in Lakewood is outstanding. We drive from Sandusky to have lunch & then shop at Nature's Bin & Breadsmith. Well worth it!